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Ritex  KinderWunsch 

Conception Lubricant ..  100 % Made in Germany

Results of 3 years collaboration between Ritex GmbH and the Munster University Hospital:

  • The only lubricant tailored to match the fertile days of women.
  • The only lubricant, which doesn't affect the PH level of sperms.
  • The only lubricant, which doesn't exert any osmotic pressure on the sperms, thus preventing any damage to the cell structure or reduction in motility.
  • Preservative - free, ensuring sperm can't be accidentally killed.
  • 8 applicators / 4ml hygienically packaged.

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Ritex  Protective Sleeves 

For Ultrasonic Probes.

  • For Vaginal and Rectal ultrasound examination.

  • Transparent and Smooth without reservoir tip.

  • Made from natural rubber latex.

  • Individually electronically tested.

  • Tested according to the EN ISO 4074.

  • 100 % Made in Germany.

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